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A very good decision


A dream of having an own house is one of the most beautiful. When we finally make a decision to build it, we should enthusiastically proceed further steps. Obviously, we are likely to ask a lot of questions concerning the construction process, search for the answers and make the choices in terms of our preferences and our budget.

Each person who has decided to launch a construction process asks a crucial question: How much will the construction cost? Could I afford to make the dreams of my family to come true? Do not worry. Building a house can be more friendly to your budget than buying a flat. To avoid problems you just have to remember the old adage: Cut your coat according to your cloth!



The first question, which should be answered is what are our expectations concerning our new house location. Do we prefer a lot which is away from a city lights, in a charming and quiet surrounding? or convenient civilisation? Both solutions have some advantages and disadvantages alike. A building plot in a remote area gives us calm and quiet atmosphere. It will certainly be also cheaper but on the other hand we will have to bear additional costs and accept inconvenience of commuting to work, school, shop or cinema. Lower costs of commuting are associated with a plot in a city but it will surely be significantly more expensive. In this case quiet atmosphere will seem to be kind of luxury and perhaps our plot could be squeezed into already existing older buildings. It is recommended to check if the building plot we want to buy is located within an area covered by the Local Plan for Land Development. If so,  it will be a lot easier to receive a building permit.



The choice seems to be easy, however, because of  a very wide range of ready made house plans and because of the possibility of adjusting each house plan to your individual expectations– the number of it is actually unlimited...
Browsing through the catalogue we usually consider various solutions to be the best for us – one-storey house, or maybe with an usable attic? With or without a cellar? Detached garage or located in a house?
An advantage of an one-storey house is an attractive shape, lack of stairs and therefore easier communication inside the house. This house, however, will cover a larger area of your building plot, which makes the remaining part or even your garden – smaller. House plans with usable attic enable to plan and maximise the living space better. Moreover, the house is more compact which means more economical to live in and much more cheaper to construct. What is more, in such a house, the sleeping zone is separated from a living zone. That solution provides a sense of comfort and security.




What are our needs  and what we should consider while selecting a house plan.

What should you consider while selecting a house plan? Please find below some suggestions.
First, we need to answer a few simple questions, which will help us to approach our dream house closer. How many people are going to live in the house? Are we planning to have more children? What about living with parents in the future? How many bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms do we need? Are we going to work at home? Are we sure that our income will remain stable throughout the construction period and later on when we will need money for maintenance.


The next task we will face is making a decision regarding the way of constructing our house. We may decide to choose self-building method and be personally responsible for organizing the construction work. Obviously, we can hire contractors for certain works, individual specialists, or even carry out some simpler tasks. We need to assume that the material costs will be higher because we shell pay higher tax VAT of 23% (in Poland). However, the overall construction costs may be lower. The method is especially advisable when we possess the knowledge about construction works and have plenty of time.

image House in the freesias
image House in the freesias,
fot.: ARCHON+archives

When we will hire a contractor, we may negotiate a discount for the complete construction work. In addition, we will be given a guarantee issued by one contractor, who will be responsible for the done work, and it will be his responsibility to remove all eventual defects and conduct the warranty repairs. In this case we will also benefit from the tax VAT, because construction companies pay for building materials 8% VAT (in Poland). The solution is adequate for busy people who are professionally active and do not have time to be entirely involved in the construction process



We have a right to keep control over our money. Therefore, we should always demand a precise cost estimate of the constructions works as well as a construction schedule. The cost estimate is a great way to budget your project and it provides you with a detailed estimation of costs necessary to be incurred for particular set of works. In our catalogue “Houses You Love” all house plans are presented along with the cost estimates. It is really helpful, because we can compare a contractor’s cost estimation with the professional one we offer. While building our dream house we should remain sensible in terms of costs – we shell select a house plan which we can afford to build. Remember that the house should be a source of joy and fulfillment! When we decide to plan everything precisely, our construction will proceed smoothly and fast and we will finally move in to our dream house.