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How easily you can change the style of your house? ARCHON+ Design Stylist.

ARCHON+ Design Stylist
  - see how easily you can change the style of your house?

House begins with a good and comprehensive house plan. All our plans are designed with an exceptional care for architectural details. While drafting a plan, our architects always aim at fitting each one into an appropriate style. At the same time they create plans which can be easy realized.


Dom w rododendronach 6 (N) Dom w rododendronach 6 (N)


While searching for the perfect house plan, you need to remember that a home style shell be adjusted to your life style. With some assistance of our design stylist, you can find out how to give your house a touch of your individual style in the simple way.
It is simple way - because in most cases you don’t need to modify your plan in order to receive the required effect.
An exterior design is created specifically by used materials and details such as: balustrades, window frames, roof finish or foundation. Even a chimney can have its individual style!
You have made a decision: “I will build a House!”
You have found an ideal place for you and your family: you have bought a building lot. You have been staring at various buildings though the window of your car, visiting houses of your friends and browsing through professional magazines and catalogues.

It’s definitely time for you to specify your needs, evaluated financial capabilities and analyzed the building plot features. Now you know; how many rooms and bathrooms you want, that your kitchen should be open to the living room, and you will have wooden stairs. You are planning the location of your garage entrance and a terrace.
And then when you are closing your eyes, you see your dreamed House…a romantic cottage? a small residence with attractive features?  a modern or maybe traditional design?.....

How to match all the expectations – functional and economical assumptions with those less rational, which emerge from our aesthetic preferences? While browsing though the house plan collection, do you sometimes feel that you will preferably combine two houses?  In one the space arrangement suits you, and the other attracts your attention because of its external view?
As an perfect example we are presenting  the "House in the rhododendrons 2" in four versions.

If you dream of an idyllic house, choose natural material – wood, roofing tile of traditional terracotta colour and stone or brick foundation. Windows should have a shutters which are giving the special charm. Wooden balustrades and visible features of rafter framing are indispensible elements of rustic house. You can also add sophisticated supports of balconies. Remember also about a garage door and an entrance door. The shown house stylization, does not require any adaptations of the house plan.   .
Dom w rododendronach 2 TRADITIONAL HOUSE

Even a tiny house can have its own architectural features which correspond with tradition. If you like it, choose details from the past centuries: subtle, stucco window frames and rustication marking the corners of your house, windows with muntins and wrought balustrades and smooth foundation. With a little help of those details it is possible to create a house resembling historical style. However, bear in mind that you shouldn’t exaggerate using  too many various  decorations. Avoid colour contrasts because in this style it’s easy to go beyond the boundary of good taste. This house stylization, does not require any adaptations of the plan.

In order to get more modern appearance of your house, it’s enough to limit the number of details and choose simplicity. The features which fit the best are: glass or steel balustrades and windows without muntins. You can add simple frames made of plaster or clinker brick around the windows. Clinker can also appear on foundation or on wider areas of the walls. Consequently, the entrance doors and a garage gate should be made of simple segments. Such an exterior design can be easily done without adaptations. You may go further and do some remodelling work through and a completely new project can be obtained.
Dom w rododendronach 2
Dom w rododendronach 2 IS THIS STILL THE SAME HOUSE PLAN?

What has been changed in this house plan? The localisation and size of windows, shape of a gallery and jutty, balcony limited to roofing above the entrance. This style goes back to modernistic, interwar architecture with the windows covering the corners of the building,  porte-fenêtre windows and metal plate on the gallery roof.

arch. Monika Lisowska - Łętocha


In this way, we can blend features of different styles creating new, individual details. A future homeowner can design his/her unique House. However, to achieve the best effect you do not have to follow the rules of one particular style. There is a countless numbers of ideas how to do it. We present them on You are welcome to view the pictures of houses build by our customers and then create your own unique style.     
ARCHON+ Design Stylist
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