Kropka FAQ
Check the originality of house plan

Purchasing ARCHON+ house plan you will receive A GURANTEE OF YOUR HOUSE PLAN QUALITY!

With an original product You will receive:

- a guarantee that you will execute the construction process without any problems
- a guarantee that your house plan will be designed in accordance with the international standards of ISO 9001
- professional and competent service after the purchase, which covers advices and consultancy during the construction process

Only original and confirmed with an invoice ARCHON+ house plans are covered by the quality guarantee.

How to check originality of ARCHON+ house plan?

Projekt architektoniczno-budowlany on the cover page of the house plan
- information concerning originality of the plan
- hologram

Projekt architektoniczno-budowlany on the cover page of the house plan
- a seal  and license number of author arch Barbara Mendel 
Projekt architektoniczno-budowlany

on page where authors are listed 
- hologram
- green reprint (archon)
on each page

Projekt architeltoniczno-budowlany

- a seal of the author, arch Barbara Mendel, license number  on the architectural and construction design, on ground floor cross section
- hologram
- green reprint (archon) on each page
print/record of an specific house plan which always covers: logo of ARCHON+ Design Company Barbara Mendel name and surname of a particular plan designer (depending on a branch)


If you are not sure whether your house plan is original and covered by our Guarantee of House Plan Quality, please call the Customer Service Department +48 12 37 21 900 or write an e-mail
We will check, if the person from whom you purchased the house plan has a Valid Cooperation Agreement with us.