Kropka FAQ

What is the best way of ordering the house plan? How long does it take to process the order?
The order can be made by phone, fax, e- mail, or by filling out the order form on our web page.
Please find below the data that will be necessary for order realization: 
1.    Invoice data:  name, last name and the investor’s address
2.    Shipment data:  name, last name, address
The delivery time is approximately 2-3 working days on the territory of Poland. In case of posting the house project abroad, the customer covers the shipping cost.

Do you send the catalogue abroad? What is the delivery date for the catalogue order?
Yes, we do. In case of posting the catalogue abroad, the customer covers the shipping cost. The delivery date for the catalogue order is approximately 2 weeks.

I would like to make some changes in the house plan- is it possible? Can the required changes and modification be implemented by any architect?

For most of the changes we issue a written consent after the initial consultation with the client. The written consent for the required changes will be attached free of charge to the house plan or send directly to the client if it is required at each stage of the construction. The required changes and house plan modifications may be done by the local authorized architect.

Is it possible to purchase the house plan in other than polish language version?

At the moment our customers have possibility to purchased the house plans in Russian, Czech, Slovak, German, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian and English language versions. The house plan prices depend on the required language version. For more information contact:

Is it possible to see the house made of ARCHON house plan? Can you provide me with the address information of the ready construction in my region?
We do not have the authorization to share the data of our clients. On our web site we are publishing pictures from the realization of the projects that have been sent to us by our clients. There is also a forum on our web site where you can exchange comments concerning the construction of the houses and establish a contact with people who have bought the project and have some experience regarding the process of its construction.

Is it possible to receive the electronic version of the purchased house plan?
Due to the protection of our intellectual property we do not release the technical documentation in the electronic version.

Are the projects in the mirror image version available in your offer?
Each house plan form our offer has a mirror image version.

How do you estimate the construction cost of the house plan?
Our estimates are made on the basis of data obtained from the publications of the Centre for Implementation of the Economic and Organizational Construction Promotion Sp. z.o.o. called in short SEKOCENBUD prices.
These data determine the average prices of labor, equipment, building materials on the territory of Poland and are based on surveys conducted by researchers, so in particular regions may slightly differ from data from the estimations.