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You can trust ARCHON+ team competency

The Mission of ARCHON+
Design Company is to design solid, functional and beautiful houses for a great number of Clients. The designs guarantee
an easy adaptation and no problem construction of a house. We are also concern to design houses which will have positive influence on shaping an architectural landscape.

We employ the best specialists

20 years of experience has taught us that the company can only implement its Mission through the full commitment of all its staff. Having hired the best people, we can easily adopt to current market demands. By designing extraordinary house plans we are able to fulfil increasing needs of our Clients.

Zespół projektowy ARCHON+
We do care about relationships among our staff

ARCHON+ strength is team work. All relationships among our people are based on mutual respect, knowledge and experience sharing. Such standards, widely understood as ARCHON+ corporate culture, we apply on a daily basis. 
Katalogi ARCHON+ We are experts in our field

We promote out house plans highlighting their reliability. Journalists recognize our professional knowledge and they often turn to ARCHON+ asking for creating press articles and opinions on various topics concerning architectural design of houses and housing estates. ARCHON+ regularly appears in daily and professional magazines as well as on professional websites.
Pakiet energooszczędny We are environmentally friendly

We all live on one planet – the Earth, and we are utterly dependent on it. Being aware that all renewable energy resources are shrinking and we all need to decease carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere, ARCHON+ has come up with solutions which will significantly improve energy efficiency of houses. We offer Energy Efficient Package with almost all our house plans.  

Designing process carried out in accordance with ISO 9001

Quality Management System ISO 9001, which was implemented in 2004, allows us to control and continuously improve all processes related to architectural and construction design. An outcome of an excellent coordination of architects, structural and installation engineers, cost estimate specialists work – is a professionally developed house plan of ARCHON+.

People are our great asset

We have achieved an exceptional success and a very high position on the market of ready designed house plans due to our team potential and commitment. We do believe that continues improvement  will let us flexibly react to the fast changing market demends. Our aim is to meet  the needs and  expectations of our Clients, that is why we are always open for their suggestions and by implementing new solution we are trying to strive for perfection.
Dzieci Które Kochacie - Fundacja ARCHON+ ARCHON+ "FAIR PLAY 2008 Enterprise"

For us it is the responsibility and commitment!