Kropka FAQ
We shape the European landscape

ARCHON+ Design Company operates in 9 European countries. Our house plans are very popular among investors and we are able to maintain a strong and high position on the market. This situation is possible due to commitment of ARCHON+ Team.

Our Catalogue in 9 languages

ARCHON+ House Plans are featured in a catalogue “Houses You Love”, which is issued in 9 languages: Polish, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, German and Italian. Except of product pages, the catalogue contains many interesting articles, architects advices, information about quality of house design (ISO 9001), articles about energy efficiency and a special offer for developers.

ARCHON+ abroad

Since 2002, ARCHON+ Design Company has been introducing modern house plans, technologies and European design on the Ukrainian market. Currently ARCHON Ukraine is one of the leaders on this market.

Katalogi ARCHON+

We have been also present; since 2005 in  Latvia, since 2006 in Lithuania, Estonia and Czech Republic, since 2007 in Slovakia and since 2010 in Italy. Increasing popularity of ARCHON+ house plans goes further to many other countries such as: Sweden, Germany, Italy, Russia, Belarus, Moldavia. We hope that the number of our clients, interested in ARCHON+ architecture will be gradually increasing, which give us a chance to shape the European landscape.

Overseas ARCHON+ brand is  identified with:

- European design
- professionalism, due to comprehensive approach to design
- rich and varied offer
- affordable  prices
- complete set of blueprints
- modernity and innovation, due to the Energy Efficient Set and optimal technological solutions
- meeting Clients’ needs

ARCHON+ za granicą