Kropka FAQ
House plan modifications

In order to adjust a house plan to your needs and features of your building lot it is possible to introduce some changes. In this case ARCHON+ will provide you with a written consent and an adapting architect  is obliged to make the changes on the drawings and in the descriptions have to be drawn up in red or as convertible drawings.

While analyzing our offer, you could consider e.g. elimination or adding a oriel, extension of a garage, changing a number and size of windows, doors or redesigning the functional and special lay-out of the building. 

After an initial consultation with a Client we will issue a written consent for the required modifications. Next, free of expense we will attach it to the house plan.  Additionally, at each stage of the construction process, a free copy of the consent can be sent on your earliest request.

We agree for implementation of the following modifications by an authorized (licensed) architect – the written consent is attached to the house plan:

-    a mirror projection of a house plan
-    changing a size and location of windows and doors according to investor’s needs
-    materials and types of structural elements ( e.g floor slab) provided that the technical quality is maintained
-    types of roofing, maintaining the designed inclination angle and the load of roofing 
-    minor changes of internal non structural elements ( e.g. doors, partition walls)
-    modification of internal installation systems plans
-    changing a heating system type

Other modifications of the house plan can exclusively be introduced with the design author’s consent.

ARCHON+ stipulates that the design cannot be used by other economic entitles for commercial purposes and advertising unbeknown by the company, as well as it cannot be adapted to distinct technologies.


The rules of introducing adoptive changes into the house plan:
- all adaptive changes have to be introduced by a person with building qualifications required by law. The changes scope has been given in by
- all adaptive changes on the drawings and in the descriptions have to be drawn up in red or as convertible drawings and be initialled

According to The Polish Building Code, the design presenting the grounds for obtaining a building permit should contain:

-    a plan of building lot development elaborated on the up-to-date map
-    architectural and construction design (with the foundation and abutment adapted to the local soil conditions)
-    statements of appropriate bodies about assurance and conditions of connecting to the local supply networks, accordingly to their needs

NOTE: the hereby architectural and construction design is protected by the Act of Copyright 1994 ( Dz. U. Nr 24, poz.83)