Kropka FAQ
Why is it worth to choose ARCHON+ house plans?

Cooperation with ARCHON+ will provide you with a number of advantages such as: minimal investment risk, reliable home plans which have satisfied the needs of many our Clients.


favorable price
- favorable discounts of house plans and housing estates visualizations
- reliable and affordable design solutions
- wide variety of  ready made house plans
- significant shortening of the investment process
- ready cost estimates make the planning phase simpler and faster
smooth and easy
- our comprehensive approach towards design enables our Clients to receive building permits quickly and build their houses without any problems


- Assistance in house plan selection
Having the knowledge about our customers preferences, we will assist in selecting the most reliable house plans. The plans which meet the expectations of our Clients

- High quality of our house plans
ARCHON+ plans developing process complies with all procedures required by Quality Management System ISO 9001. Each house plan is verified by experienced architects, structural engineers, installation engineers and cost estimate specialists

- Visualizations of housing estates
We are able to provide our customers with visualizations of particular houses and the whole housing estate also

- Conceptual design of housing estate

We are able to prepare a preliminary conceptual development design for the overall area of the housing estate

- Promotional and sales assistance
We are able to prepare housing estate presentations on CDs. In order to help real estate developers to sell their houses, we will create ready advertisement materials (press adverts, billboards, internet banners).  Housing estates designed by ARCHON+ architects are promoted also via web sides: and

- Comprehensive prepared house plans

Our comprehensive approach towards designing enables our Clients to receive quickly building permits and build their houses without any problems. Along with a detailed architectural and structural part, our house plan covers a list of all materials necessary to build a house, plans of internal installations, structural strength calculations, structural diagrams and details and drawings of a fireplace heating system as well as mechanical ventilation system

- Electronic version of cost estimates
The electronic versions of cost estimates are available for all our house plans. Having bought a building cost estimate, you will be able to make a quick calculation of all current bulding costs and match the materials to your needs and requirements. Moreover, a cost estimate is a great tool, not only for developing a business plan, preparing a list of necessary materials,  negotiating with suppliers and contractors, but also monitoring and controlling construction work

- Interactive Colour Selector on CD with each house plan 
Using ARCHON+ interactive colour selector, an investor can individually change colours of a roof, elevations, windows, etc. Your clients will be able to select their favourite colours and it could effectively convince them to buy one of the houses located on your housing estate

- House and housing estate mock-ups

- Fast service
By offering ready made house plans, we help to significantly shorten the construction process of a housing estate. Our house plans (in the Polish language version) will be delivered within 2-3 working days after receiving an order (on the territory of Poland)

- Professional consultancy
We offer professional consultancy of our architects, structural and installation engineers at the initial stage of planning the construction process and also during the process itself

- Possibility of cooperation with our partners - architects from all over the Poland

- Great variety of house plans
Your clients can browse through the whole collection of ARCHON+ house plans

    We invite real estate developers and contractors to contact our office

We would be glad to answer any questions concerning construction processes and promotion of housing estates. We will also offer favorable discounts for house plans from our collection

Please contact us by phone number +48 12 37 21 990 or send us an e-mail to