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ARCHON+ House plan - House in the rhubarb (T)

Energooszczednosc Pakiet-komfort Piekny-ogrod Instalacja-odgromowa Rodzina-na-swoim
semi-detached house

garage, 5 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 bathrooms, dining room, WC, boiler-room, laundry, wardrobes, fireplace,
House area
without boiler-room, garage
132,47 m2
boiler-room 7,48 m2
Garage area 21,06 m2
minimal lot dimensions [i] 15,32x19,72 m
* after changes [i] 13,52x19,72 m
Cubature 775,74 m3
Building area 118,22 m2
Usable area [i] 122,92 m2
Building height 8,97 m
exterior walls: ceramic hollow block Porotherm 25 cm, foamed polystyrene 20 cm, plaster
strop: reinforced concrete slab
up stand wall: 97 cm
roof: double-pitched , roof angle 38° , roof construction: wooden, ceramic roofing tile

price: 4,560.00 zł
Price refers to the project in the Polish language version. In case of foreign orders the cost of shipment will be added. All projects are available in English. For more information contact us –
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